Apple might make Garageband a freemium standard

Apple might make Garageband a freemium standard (via The Inquirer) GADGET DESIGNER Apple might be making its Garageband app available by default on iOS. Mac site Macrumours noticed the change to Apple’s list of built-in apps for the iPhone 5S and was first to spot Garageband. “Garageband is free on the App Store for…

GarageBand for iPad

Apple has just released an iPad version of the popular music software Garageband. At first glance, it looks just like its desktop counterpart but it’s actually much easier to control and has a few added bonuses. In my humble opinion, it’s a great app to own whether you are a musician or an average iPad […]

How to Edit Audio Files with Garageband

This is a next new tutorial in our Garageband tutorial series. You can read the first tutorials here and here. Need to remove some background noise, mistakes or unneeded fillers from your audio files? Perhaps you want to clean up a podcast or conference call or a song you’ve just recorded. Well then I highly […]

How to Write a Song Using Garageband Loops

We all know that Garageband contains hundreds of loops that we can use to create “original” music. Many of us, however, take them for granted and don’t realize how quick and easy it is to create a professional-sounding song. As a home-recording application, Garageband is quite underrated and, in my humble opinion, can and should […]

Back to the Mac Event: Wrapup

So what happened at today’s Back to the Mac event? Here are the deets, provided in a convenient list form. Looking for commentary? It’s coming soon. iLife ’11 Introduced – Free with every new Mac, $49 retail. Available Now. iPhoto ’11 Full screen display for all features New Slideshow themes Album view very similar to […]

Audio HiJack Pro – Record Anything

Last week I talked about Pulsar, a program that lets you listen to satellite radio via your desktop, without having to log into a clunky web interface. Turns out that Rogue Amoeba makes a lot of products, including Audio Hijack Pro, so I sent off an e-mail, and they sent me a free license so […]

Apple Updates Mini, Pro, iMac, and More!

Today Apple updated the Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule. There are no real cosmetic changes, but everything is a little greener, and a little more powerful. It’s the most publicity the Mac Mini has received from Apple in a LONG time… Apple® today announced updates to its iMac® and Mac® […]