Deja Vu: Apple Rumored to be Producing iPod Touch with Facetime

It’s July 9th, but it’s just a few weeks from the annual September Apple iPod event, when all the new goodies are announced to the world. So what’s the big announcement this year? According to CNet, a FaceTime-capable iPod Touch. Hmm … Sounds familiar. Rob Hennessy, the audio and telecom buyer for U.K. retail giant John […]

FaceTime is a Big Deal

Of all if the cool new features available on the iPhone 4, I think I’ve used FaceTime the most. It started out with a FaceTime call to a friend of mine in San Francisco, then to another who was at a Starbucks in central California. I called my wife from the garage the other day […]

FaceTime Won’t Eat Up Your Minutes

When FaceTime was first announced by Apple, I got pretty excited. I’ve got a new child, after all, and his grandparents have iPhones. Using FaceTime would be great to show them when he does all of those cool new “firsts,” like today, when he had his first taste of bananas. That’s right, bananas. Doesn’t get […]