Best New iOS Apps of this Summer

Summer is here and with it has come a whole host of exciting, useful and engaging iOS apps to help make things all the more fun. From apps connecting animal-lovers together, to breaking complex topics down more simplistically and educationally, this summer’s app releases have definitely been both broad and interesting. Here we take a […]

8 Ways to Extend Battery Life on Apple Watch

One of the few complaints that early adopters of the Apple Watch have about their new device is that the battery life isn’t always as good as they’d like. After receiving countless notifications and messages throughout the day, using it to track an extended workout, and taking a few phone calls on the built-in speaker phone, it is […]

5 Things We Now Know About the Apple Watch

On Monday of this week, Apple held a highly anticipated press event in San Francisco during which they introduced a stunning new laptop, lowered the price of the AppleTV, and revealed their final plans for the launch of the Apple Watch. During the event, we not only received demonstrations of just what the Watch is capable of, […]

6 Apps We Want to See on the Apple Watch

The launch of the Apple Watch is growing nearer and excitement for Apple’s latest product is on the rise amongst fans. While we haven’t seen everything the new device can do just yet, its potential is starting to become much clearer. The Watch won’t simply be a conduit for displaying notifications and alerts on your wrist. […]