iPhone Pictures Talk?! SayWhat App

Ever want to put a catchphrase, like “I’ll be back” (in Arnold’s Terminator voice), into someone’s mouth? Now it is so easy a caveman could do it (sorry, I could not resist)! The “SayWhat” application for the iPhone allows a user to take any picture and make the subject say things with the mouth moving! […]

Apparently, Everyone Either Wants or Has an iPad

The iPad was released internationally recently, and with that, came yet another record for the iPad. In just under 60 days, the iPad has sold over 2 million units. From the fancy Apple press release: CUPERTINO, California—May 31, 2010—Apple® today announced that iPadâ„¢ sales have topped two million in less than 60 days since its […]

Super Bowl Winners App Helps Us Forget Roethlesberger

Do you remember who won the 1970 Super Bowl? I know Joe “Willy” led the Jets to win in 1969, but how about ’70? How about the 1989 Super Bowl? Give up? At least you’re not thinking about the numerous NFL headlines of “Big Ben” for the moment. The free “Super Bowl Winners” application turns […]

Get Put Up for Cheap with Hostelworld.com App

Travelers of the world on a budget unite! The free “Hostelworld.com” application for the iPhone saves money in regards to hotel rooms, and the precious dollars, Euros and pounds can then be used for fun activities in the scenic cities and locales on earth. The “Hostelworld.com” App is a portable version of the site that […]


The unofficial iPhone fan App “LOST ADDICT” has escaped the Island and come home to be the mobile users who need the tools to save the world! Every day the free “LOST ADDICT” application collects from the net the most up to the minute theories, discussions, videos, podcasts, articles and blogs pertaining to the television […]

Official Twitter App!

The official “Twitter” application is here for the iPhone, and it is beautiful! Finally the horribly inaccurate and, at their best, relatively close in function knock-off Twitter Apps can be discarded! The “Twitter” App is free for the iPhone and comes directly from the folks over at Twitter, and it shows! The look and feel […]

Review: Instapaper for iPad

There are many times throughout the day that I see a website that I want to flip through, or an article I want to read, but I don’t have the time to read it. I used to leave these tabs open on my screen, but since Firefox and Chrome both have ram leak issues, eventually, […]

ScanBizCards Contest: Winners!

Earlier this week, we announced a contest to win a free copy of ScanBizCards [iTunes Link], a program we reviewed.Well, it’s time to announce the winners, who were chosen at random by our crack team or contest winner random choosers. You ready? Of course you are. Here they are: Alexis Aldo Johnson Dave Congratulations to […]

Apple Owns 26% of Music Sales – Is That a Bad Thing?

A recent article published in Billboard, then clarified in Fortune, mentions that iTunes has increased their market share of the music market, up from 21.42% in 2008 to 26.65% in 2009. The first glaring thing that I noticed here was in the first paragraph of the Fortune article: Songs streamed directly to cellphones, once touted […]