Mac App Store Still On Track For January Launch

A recent rumor claimed Apple would launch the Mac App Store as early as next week. However, Apple will not be launching the store until January as planned. Reports surfaced last week that Apple’s development of the Mac App Store and would be launching it December 13th. However, that rumor was contradicted when Loop Insight […]

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Goes to the iPhone

I’m a comic book guy, which means I’m also a fan of web comics, the online version of the Sunday funny pages. One of my usual reads is Ctrl+Alt+Delete, a comic about a goofy kid who loves video games and building cool techy gizmos, but isn’t very socially adept. Well, they’ve officially released an app […]

Annoying Tag Line Trademarked

[image via Erictric] Catch phrases help to make a company what it is, and I get that. But after time, they become freakin’ annoying, and it becomes almost cliche. Think I’m wrong? How about these classics: Got Milk? Waaazzz up? Where’s the Beef? you get the idea. So now there’s Apple, and their tagline, “There’s […]

Get Things Done With Epic Win

The world of getting things done can be pretty monotonous at times, what with all of the date entering and following up. There are plenty of good apps for the iPhone that help you keep track of that giant to-do list, but none of them really do it with any flair. Turns out that now, […]

Apple Opens Up Free iPad Versions With Paid Subscription Model

Well, it looks like it finally happened, and I hope that more magazines decide to take this on. Fortune has the report: Until now, the iPad versions of People, Time,Sports Illustrated and Fortune have cost the same as the newsstand price — $3.99 for each issue of People, $4.99 to $5.99 each for the rest — even if […]