Apple Gazette Daily 413 – Jobs, Woz, and other News

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Today’s Show: Jobs, Woz, and other news

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  1. Alan says


    There is a problem. Apple Gazette Daily has not posted in iTunes since January 14.

    Please look into this as we all enjoy your show.


  2. shaun says

    Alan is right. Your show hasn’t been posted. I can only assume that your health is slipping and Apple Gazette stock is sure to drop because of this. I’m selling all of mine right now. 😛 But seriously, I hope all is well and I look forward to more shows.

  3. Michael says

    Hey guys – I’m checking into this.

    I must have the code messed up somehow. After I got past 300 episodes the RSS editing application I was using would no longer work, and I’ve been having to do it in text edit ever since. Since I’m not much of a code monkey its entirely possible I’ve screwed something up.

    I’ll get it fixed.

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