Apple Gazette Daily 103 – Handbreak, Camino and A Reader Feedback Request

apple-gazette-daily-1.jpgSoftware Updates and a Reader Feedback Request

You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or…

you can directly download the episode right here.

In addition to that, you should be able to play every episode of the podcast directly in your browser by using the widget which is now located in the side column of the site. Just click on the headphones to play the podcast inside the widget with full audio controls.


  1. The Wizard says

    An unwelcome upgrade.

    Previously, I used to listen to your podcasts from withing google reader. Now you added this fancy apple gazette logo (which I liked) and added the side widget which has all your podcasts ready.

    First, You removed the ability to listen to the podcasts from within my RSS reader and that’s a step back.

    Second, the widget (although neat) is too slow in performance and who would be interested in listening to an apple news podcast recorded 6 months ago?!

    My advice, please bring back the ability to listen to your podcast from withing the RSS reader and you can keep the widget but let it contain only the current week’s podcasts or so. So it can function more smoothly.

    PS. We are now friends on Digg.

  2. The Wizard says

    Actually the widget paralyse your whole website till it fully loads every time the page refreshes (like when posting a comment). Please, do make it contain only 1 week’s worth op podcasts. No one likes to wait for 5 seconds to be able to scroll down a page.

  3. The Wizard says

    Also, audio playback won’t start until the widget downloads the episode in full which is kind of annoying.

    Here I have tested and reviewed your newly added widget in full. So please try to consider:

    1. Bringing back the podcast listening ability from within the RSS reader.
    2. Make your widget (and your pages) faster by containing only 1 week worth of podcasts. It makes sense after all.

    Thanks Michael for your continuous efforts of making Apple Gazette a better experience for readers.

  4. The Wizard says

    Just to be fair.

    My previous comments regarding the widget performance were based on my experience using an old pc running Ubuntu. Now on my G4 mac mini. the widget performs well and smooth other than the idea of having to wait for the whole download to start playing and the idea of the un-necessity of having all the podcasts at hand. I still think that 5 podcasts at a time are enough.

  5. The Wizard says

    Just to add a fifth after dear Michael posted a link to my comments on this page (I’m famous now I guess). All what I wrote above mostly was a crappy experience on an old pc running ubuntu.

    The widget is fine, the site is fine, the podcast listening through the rss feed is fine everything is fine.

    Apple Gazette Rocks.

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