What do you want to see on Apple Gazette.com?


As we approach December, it’s a time of year that is very bad for technology news. Most, if not all, of the new products that are going to be released have been released, and there is going to be a drought of news over the next month or so, until the Macworld 08 rumors start kicking in.

Now, I’m not saying there will be no news, just that there will be more time for things other than news. So – what do you want to see? Tutorial screencasts? Funny pictures? YouTube videos? Rantings from yours truly?

Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you’d like to see from me here on Apple Gazette…I always appreciate your feedback.



  1. I like the rantings…
    I like the stuff that invites opinions and starts conversations and debates.

  2. Rantings x 2!

    I like the rantings too! Maybe once a week we could get some “tips and tricks” for OS X or some application suggestions?

    But mostly the rantings are good for me. I like hearing the opinions and reading the posts that follow,


  3. Rantings are always welcome. That’s one of the main reasons why I listen to this podcast.

  4. MacWorld ’08 rumors and speculation.

  5. more software spotlights!! i’m always looking for cool apps to try out. maybe some top 10/5/3/whatever lists? (e.g. “the best 10 apps for “)

  6. that was meant to say “…for [enter purpose here]”.

  7. Talking about mac world 08’/ speculation and rantings!

  8. I think you should write morw about your opinion regarding your experience with Leopard so far. You know those shiny additions like Spaces and The new finder are not that perfect. There is a lot you can still expect Apple to improve.

  9. Talking about casual games for the Mac.

  10. jadedcritic says:

    Software spotlights and tutorials.

  11. How about some reviews about Apple accessories you’ve bought and recommend to other people?

  12. Maybe a Forum?
    I love your show too.

  13. I agree that a forum on this site would be great. It would provide a good community for us to discuss things that carry over from the show.

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