No Apple Gazette Daily Today – Audio Problems

After recording today’s podcast, I discovered the same audio issue that happened the other day. I don’t know if it’s the Mic or the software, but something isn’t acting right. I’m going to try and get it fixed this evening to have everything up and running tomorrow.

The audio sounds very muffled, even though the levels are all set the way I normally have them configured. If anyone has any thoughts on what this might be, let me know…


  1. Paco Rodriguez - Spain says:

    If your apple is a desktop, you should check either the amp or the mic itself. If you have a SingStar from the playstation, you might use it with a couple of mics on your desktop (MacPros doesn’t have an intertnal built-in mic, and you need to use one amplified), just in case! You’d better use a pro-mic but you might not have another one near!

    If your apple is laptop, you might consideer that you can have an issue with the internal circuit of the mic-in or the internal mic itself. Try changing the laptop with the same mic, to issolate the problem.

    Great job, by the way, and congrats for your new unit!

    Regards, from the sunny European Spain!

    Paco R.

  2. Can you describe the signal path a bit more? What exactly do you mean by muffled?

  3. [email protected] says:

    Dont be liar….. there is no audio problems

    You are just playing with you brand new iPhone :P

    PS: Just Kidding

  4. Greetings from Mexico

  5. @Blair

    It sounds like I’m talking though a pillow into the mic.

  6. Well, take the pillow off! And put down the iPhone :)

    Check everything over. The natural causes of a loss of high end (which is what I’m assuming “pillow effect” means) could be a lower sample rate, phase, EQ or simply pointing the mic in the wrong direction. Check to see it’s plugged in all the way, or try other microphones if you have them. Have an EQ on somewhere in iTunes or whatever software you’re using? How about phase; are you recording to a mono track or stereo and how are those signals routed back into the computer? Could you have a loop going on? Forgot to mute the line-in or something? How about the iPhone; could having it on make the blog sound like a pillow?? :)

    Or just compress the nut out of it and boost the 2-5k area and it should still be intelligible. Speech is more robust than music.

    And to note, most microphones retain high end and loose low end when they break (if still able to carry sound at all).

  7. Michael what mic do you have? I had the same problem with my Samson Q1U USB-mic. I ended up returning it to Apple Store, getting a refund and purchasing another brand (an oem MXL USB 008) that works much better.

    If you want a really amazing mic that stands above all other USB mics considering; durability, sound-quality, noise-level, no latency headphone output, etc – there simply is no better mic than the Rode Podcaster. It kicks so much ass. I have it, and it’s the only one I’ll never get rid of.

  8. You can of course also try an “Archive & Install” haha;-)

  9. Kevin Sears says:

    Last podcast I received was 6/28. Makes me think Michael got whacked when he was walking down a dark alley talking on his iPhone. His last words are reported to be, “How do I dial 9-1-1 on this thing?”

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