Guess what doesn’t work with Leopard?! My MICROPHONE!

I use a USB mic to record Apple Gazette Daily. It’s a Samson Q1U. It doesn’t work with Leopard apparently – so I’m not quite sure what to do about the show. I will either have it fixed on Wed – or I’ll have to get another mic.

For today, there will be no episode.

Apologies to all. I will have it fixed ASAP.


  1. Mark says

    Sorry man! I feel your pain … I went to update my website for my kids digital publishing site today with Freeway Pro 4 and ….. bupkis ….. as we say in the States.

    What kills me is that all these companies ask us to register our products so they can push stuff (crap) on us. And, it is not like Leopard snuck up on them. (Of course they did not have a multi-year delay like Vista.) But, you might think they could let us know they have a compatibility problem in there last email hyping stuff (crap) to us.

    Hang in there … there is still a good deal of distance between us and Vista (but, keep an eye in the rear view mirror)!



  2. Michael says


    Yeah – if you don’t want to miss your podcast – unless you have – GASP – Windows XP on your system. If so, you could always use the Mic in that.

    ARGH! I hate having to say that!!!!

  3. Rob says

    did u check the input in sound prefs – my speakers did not work after leo install – had 2 change prefs back to line out.

  4. Michael says


    Yeah, I checked the sound prefs. In Tiger it instantly recognized the Samson Q1U – but Leopard doesn’t even see it.

  5. says

    Leopard its great, but not perfect :(
    So you are changing your micro. maybe the podcast can sound little louder. its hard to listen on my iphone 😉
    keep good work Michael!

  6. says

    Hello to all,

    My MXL USB.006 mike is not working properly with Leopard. Don’t know what to do.

    I see this on the system log:

    Dec 29 19:53:51 pierres-macbook kernel[0]: WARNING: AppleUSBAudio has detected that a connected USB audio device is sending too much audio data.
    Dec 29 19:53:51 pierres-macbook kernel[0]: WARNING: This USB audio device may not function properly. Please notify the device manufacturer.

    Does NOT look good.

    I sent an e-mail to MXL…

    I had to go back to using my trusty SM58 to record my latest podcast episode.


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