AppleGazette’s iPod Nano Giveaway!

nanoad.pngWe’re launching Apple Gazette in style by giving away the super-slim, totally re-designed 2g iPod Nano.

How do you win?

It’s easy. Just subscribe to the AppleGazette RSS Feed, and start looking for the “word of the day”. Each weekday for the next several weeks you’ll find a “Word of the Day” in the RSS feed posts. Write that word down, save it as a draft in your email…whatever…just keep track of it. The words will make a quote from Steve Jobs. When the final word appears, you’ll want to send the complete quote to [email protected]

A winner will be chosen at random from everyone who submits the complete quote.

The winner will be announced Friday, November 10th, and the words will start appearing Friday October 13th, so subscribe today for your chance to win!

UPDATE: The contest has already begun, but don’t let that stop you from subscribing!  With a little detective work on the ‘net, you should be able to find the full quote if you only get a portion of it through the feed!  Plus, there will be at least one catch up day for people getting in late! Good luck!


  1. I put the feed on my netnewswire ;)

    I wish you the best for this blog.

  2. I’m subscribed, but in any case I’m curious; how will you confirm the winner has infact subscribed to the feed, and not just visited the site often?

  3. Wee! This would be exciting. :D

  4. I’m subscribed, oohhh how i wish to win this one, ive been dreaming of an ipod for years!!! more power.

  5. The word thing at the bottom of the posts are gone…

  6. Hey Andre –

    We’re having a little trouble with the Feed Flare unit.

    You won’t miss anything, we’ll post a catch-up when it gets back working right.

    Let us know when they pop back up for you.

  7. They’re back. :)

  8. It’s almost the deadline and there’s only been a few words? :S

    Mind you, I’ve already found the quote via Google.. ;)

  9. This was supposed to end a week ago, was it not?

  10. Hey Andre –

    You’re right, originally it was. We’ve had some feed problems, and we’re going to modify it. Watch the blog, there will be an announcement next week.

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