Apple Gazette Daily 224 – Macbook Pro returns..still broke, plus news

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Today’s Show: The Macbook Pro returns from Apple…still broken…plus news on Lionsgate, BBC, and much more.

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  1. Special Sauce says

    Ha… “Tech guy?” Sure, I could make stuff like that up as well. The only people who have access to large repair trends is corporate. And no, its not an emerging issue.

    I still think it’s software. Create another user, and if it still doesn’t work then Archive and Install (preserve user/network settings).

  2. Michael says

    @Special Sauce

    Already done – and please don’t suggest that I’m making stuff up. I don’t lie to you guys on the show, and I don’t appreciate the implication that I do…unless I’m misunderstanding and you’re suggesting he’s lying, which I also don’t think is accurate.

    I have already tried the old Archive and Install and it does nothing to help the audio recording issue.

    It’s the logicboard. They even admitted that they didn’t check it last time, and they should have.

  3. Martin says

    Hi, great show ! :) But … link to the audiblepodcast doesn’t work. Is it a terrirorial issue because im trying to connect to the site from Poland.

    Keep up the good work. May the force be with you :)

  4. Michael says

    @The Wizard

    the problem is that the idiot that updates the feed just plain forgot yesterday…

    yes…that would be me.


  5. Doc. Caliban says

    This is one of my favorites:

    “3rd-party memory”

    Really? I didn’t realize that Apple manufactured their own components. (They don’t.) I’m pretty sure that ever single thing in a Macbook other than the chassis and motherboard is ‘3rd-party’.

    Either they figure their users are completely hardware inept, or their service technicians are.

    Again, this is not just an Apple issue, lots of places say crap like this. I’m just pointing out that Apple is Just Another Company. The users who speak of Apple as though it’s their favorite, infallible sports team embarrass me.

  6. Michael says


    If it makes you feel any better the tech guy did explain to me that they don’t actually manufacture their own memory, but they do have memory built with special serial numbers that identify them as coming from Apple.

    Not defending – just explaining.

    You are right, they are not infallible – and speaking of them like they are is kind of sad.

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