Create Your Own Apple Rumor!

macrumor.jpgOften time our readers ask where we (and others) get Apple rumors from.

We have decided to share our ultimate weapon – the ‘Create your own Apple Rumor’ Chart.

You too can be an “inside source” with this amazing new handy dandy Apple Rumor creation tool.

You can use the chart to create top notch and completely trust worthy rumors…and if you’re too lazy to put the thing together yourself, you can simply click a link at the bottom of the page to generate your own brand-spankin’ new Apple Rumor.

Click Here to try it out

(BTW – we present this with tongue pressed firmly in cheek)


  1. Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  2. Uhm.. the site that you link to is just an image…I can’t do anything.

  3. hilarious :D and the random function works frighteningly well, too:

    “An anonymous tipster has advised us to expect a Redesigned Macbook in the Second Quarter 2007″

    it sounds so real!

  4. Mark, scroll down to the bottom of the page…

  5. Ha! Good stuff. That’ll keep some folks entertained for awhile. Hell, some might actually appear on some rumor sites…

  6. Actually there is a rumor for an ultra-portable Macbook rumor… and with a patent to back it up ;)

    In any case, regarding the subject, great work guys ;)

  7. 16 core Widescreen iPod shuffle FTW!

  8. A confirmed source has confirmed earlier resports that we will see a 16 Core Mac Mini and Widescreen iPod Shuffle in Second Quarter 2007. I don’t think that will happen.

  9. HaHaRich says:

    So THIS is where gets their print copy. They must have signed up for the Pro version that randomly throws up executive names, excuses for delays, and a “favorites” system that reciprocally references previously generated rumors, like the tablet they’ve been yammering on about for the last 5 years.

  10. Tom Swinney says:

    Create your own Apple Rumors is good stuff. Would be more fun if it really worked and I could create my own. At least the lazy random option works. ;-)

  11. Hey guys nice work to cook ur own Apple Rumors

  12. I wasn’t as lucky as some of you.

    Mine predicted a black MacBook, which of course already exists, and a Flash-based iPod shuffle, which of course also exists!


  13. Um, it’d be cooler if the cart actually worked. Just clicking a link and having a random rumor pop up isn’t as fun.

  14. Awesome. I’m a couple weeks late, but this was worth the link.
    = )

  15. I tried to create my own Apple rumor but it did not spread wide enough.

  16. John Scot , It works so nice!

  17. That’s great. Lol!
    I bet, that you had to put that ‘tongue in cheek’ comment at the end, because – no doubt – there will be some people who take this seriously.
    I bet some people even thought this was a great tool they could use for their blog. Seriously – there are actually people out there like that.
    Now, you need to develop a Microsoft one. That one might be easier to do though… you just need to throw in some totalitarian stories from history and change the names and places. Should work. And probably be highly reliable too! (Said with tongue firmly placed in cheek.)

  18. Beautiful! The functions and the colors are great! I think I’ll be very popular if I present at work to my boss. Perhaps we can have something for this.

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