6 Reasons to Buy the New MacBook

A few days back we shared 5 very good reasons why you should skip the new MacBook, which begins shipping on April 10. Those reasons included the now infamous single USB-C port, an underpowered processor, and a standard-definition FaceTime camera. But Apple’s latest laptop also comes with a tantalizing new design and some innovate features […]


5 Reasons to Skip the New MacBook

A few weeks back Apple announced a beautiful new edition to their laptop line-up in the form of the new MacBook. This stunning laptop, which comes in three different colors, is the thinnest and lightest Mac ever, and features a 12″ Retina display, as well as an innovative new trackpad. While on the surface, this […]

virtual apple watch

Impatient? Wear a Virtual Apple Watch Today!

It’s the same thing year in and year out. Everyone gets all excited about what Apple will unveil at an impending event. The announced devices will be praised and criticized. Enthusiasts just can’t wait to get their hands on the new devices. The Apple Watch is not exempt. If anything, it is inciting even more […]