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The Case for an Expensive Case

I love cases. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think it has something to do with my ridiculously anal organizational tendencies. I prefer the feeling that everything has its place, and it’s protected along the way. Since the last case didn’t work out, I’ve been hunting for that messenger bag of my dreams, and […]

iPad – Initial Thoughts

Well that was crazy. After months of speculation, the Unicorn Tablet has finally appeared and it’s named, the iPad. I’m honestly a bit disappointed in the name, but at least it’s not iSlate or iTab like everyone guessed. It’s designed to fill the void between the iPhone and the MacBook, a place where PC guys […]

iPhone Holiday Buyer’s Guide – Top iPhone Accessories

It’s the Holiday Season buying time again…as I’m sure those of you who ventured out into the “Black Friday” madness are well aware. If you’re looking to buy gifts for the iPhone owner in your life, then this list if for your. We’ve got the best of the best as rated by members of Apple’s […]

Should Apple license Safari to other mobile platforms?

Samsung’s announcement today that they are running Apple’s Safari browser on their latest slider phone is, of course, not exactly true. What they’re doing is running a version of Webkit, which is the basis for Safari. It’s not the same thing, and Samsung knows it – but their little “mistake” will get their new phone […]

Samsung claims Safari browser in newest phone

On Wednesday Samsung uneiled the L870, its latest slider phone. Among the features listed for the new phone, the company claimed that the web browser was not only a full HTML browser, but that it actually uses the mobile version of Apple’s Safari web browser. According to MacNN the company made no mention of receiving […]

Worst. iPhone Knockoff. Ever.

There are bad knock off of the iPhone – and there are REALLY bad iPhone knocks…and this one is the worst one I’ve ever seen. This poor phone started off its life as a Sony Ericsson Walkman W52S slider. One dedicated Apple fanboy later, and BOOM – it’s an iPhone Frankenstein that shouldn’t exist – […]