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Apple Returning Money for Bumpers

It’s being reported by multiple sources, but in case you haven’t gotten the memo, Apple is sending out e-mails to people who purchased Bumpers and is refunding their money. This is excellent news for those of you who purchased Bumpers and are happy with the purchase. But what about the others? I’m still waiting to […]

Sneak Peak: incase iPhone 4 Cases

Looks like my prayers have been answered. Incase, the company that makes popular cases for pretty much every Apple product made, just press released the news that they have iPhone 4 cases coming out soon. Here’s the scoop: Our signature and most popular iPhone case styles are coming soon for iPhone 4. Available at month’s […]

Remember That Post About Bumpers? Maybe They Are Cool.

[Image from App Advice] So last week I wrote about Bumpers, the new Apple case for the iPhone 4 that no one really seemed to care about. In fact, here’s what I wrote: Apple has a strong accessory base, and many different manufacturers make cases for every Apple product under the sun. One of my favorites, incase, has […]

The Case for an Expensive Case

I love cases. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think it has something to do with my ridiculously anal organizational tendencies. I prefer the feeling that everything has its place, and it’s protected along the way. Since the last case didn’t work out, I’ve been hunting for that messenger bag of my dreams, and […]