Apple R&D Budget Suggests Something Big is in the Works

Apple is a company that is know for keeping well guarded secrets. This is particularly true when it is working on a new product that hasn’t even been announced yet. Sure, there are occasionally leaks about upcoming gadgets that make their way out to the press via the supply chain, but those typically don’t occur […]


3 Paid iOS Apps Gone Free – May 29, 2015

For this week’s paid iOS apps gone free, we’re focusing on apps for kids. While there are countless apps for kids available, these ones are sure to be a hit with your children. The Jungle Book – Story reading for Kids The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling is a children’s classic, and even adults who […]

cortana ios android

Cortana to Come to iOS and Android

Sh#t just got real. Cortana is about to enter the domain of iOS and Android, While Siri can be as sassy as the girl next door with a teeny weeny doggie in her bag, Cortana can hold her own. Plus, Cortana has her own huge following, thanks to Halo. It’s not the first time Cortana […]

black widow iphone 6

Black Widow iPhone 6 Coming Soon!

If plain silver, space gray, or white doesn’t do anything for you, then the Black Widow iPhone 6 might just tickle your fancy, although Black Widow will probably do more than that. ColorWare, a maker of customized tech products, is releasing a limited edition Black Widow iPhone 6 very soon. You won’t see the face […]