iphone 6c leak

Do We Have an iPhone 6C Leak?

Rumors of an iPhone 6 with a 4-inch screen have been going around, but they didn’t really have much to stand on. Now, new photos of a supposedly iPhone 6C leak have surfaced, and while we don’t exactly know just how real these photos are, they do provide some interesting points to consider. The first […]


How to Print iPhone Photos Without Any Hassle

I bet all your recent photos are in digital format. You’re probably struggling with your iPhone storage because of all the photos you’ve taken. You can always upgrade iCloud, or use Flickr or some other similar service. On another note, while it’s always nice to have photos at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, there is something […]


How to Organize Your Apple TV Home Screen

  The Apple TV is a great little device that grants users access to Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and a host of other great streaming content. But you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would argue that the device’s interface is one of its strengths.┬áIn fact, as Apple has added more content providers, that […]

super mario 64 on the iphone 6

Watch Super Mario 64 Played on the iPhone 6

Nintendo is entering the mobile gaming market, specifically for Android and iOS, which has long been anticipated by fans of the company. However, for fans of Super Mario 64 and old titles, it is highly unlikely that you’ll see these games on your phone for Nintendo has expressed its intent to release new titles. There […]


6 Reasons to Buy the New MacBook

A few days back we shared 5 very good reasons why you should skip the new MacBook, which begins shipping on April 10. Those reasons included the now infamous single USB-C port, an underpowered processor, and a standard-definition FaceTime camera. But Apple’s latest laptop also comes with a tantalizing new design and some innovate features […]