OS X Quick Tip: Secret Screen Capture Clipboard Copy Trick

quicktip.jpgOk, you probably already know how to capture and image of your screen with your Mac. It’s Command-Shift-3. That will leave an image on your desktop, you can even hit Command-Shift-4, and get a little crosshair to select only a portion of your screen and do the same thing.

BUT…if you’re like me, and you’re planning on editing that image in a program, then there is an even cooler way to do this.

Hit Control-Command-Shift-3 (or 4)

This will copy the image to your clipboard, so you can simply paste it into your editing program of choice.


  1. says

    Great tip. I’ve been wanting this specific functionality out of OS X for a while now. I’m surprised that I never thought to try some sort of variation like this.

    However, while Control-Command-Shift-4 works great, Control-Command-Shift-3 doesn’t appear to work at all for me. I’m on a 1G Macbook.

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