Apple Gazette Daily 283 – Snow Leopard, Free iPhones, and More!

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Today’s Show: Snow Leopard, Free iPhones, and more!

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  1. dirk Vandekerkhove says

    i’m completely happy about snow leopard… at first i thought the same as everyone, kinda no-apple style, the no features thing, but look at it: leopard, although it’s a magnificent os, hasn’t got the stability of tiger. Now the name ‘snow’ leopard indicates what apple is trying to say, i think they see it as a really big update. also i’ve already read some good things about this ‘grand central’-technology, which would be more advanced then nvidia’s CUDA-technology… no, i think apple knows what they’re doing, and it’s probably a good thing. wwdc couldn’t start better …

  2. Ben says

    I kinda think at this stage. If there is no added features i may hang onto 10.5 for another year and then get the ‘grand central’ with 10.7. I haven’t had any problems with leopard so why pay to fix somthing that aint broke?

  3. Marian says

    I think that improving OS X instead of getting more and more features all the time might be a good thing, just because of a single fact – Leopard is not perfect. I still get native crashes now and then and stuff like that. Plus from what I’ve heard the goal of Snow Leopard is to move from Kernel to some other core, so that might be the reason too.
    Whatever the reason, the name is ridiculous, I agree, but on the other hand, it’s supposed to let people know that they shouldn’t expect much }or none| new features.

    Regarding the ‘regular cell phone’ deals and not activating the iPhone with iTunes is a completely logical move on Apple’s side. And here’s why:
    The first reason is that a LOT of people just bought the phone, but instead of activating and registering it with the monthly plan, it they just unlocked it. At least in the UK….
    The other reason is…if you remember, not a long time ago you yourself posted a question, how is the iPhone activation going to work in the countries that don’t have iTunes Store. Well, here’s your answer… Apple is going to distribute the phone in 70 (!!!!) countries and MOST of them don’t have the iTunes Store, so it only makes sense to sell the iPhone ‘the old-fashioned’ way, be able to distribute it in more countries and reduce the number of ‘unauthorized’ purchases at the same time.
    Just my two cents.

  4. Marian says

    One more thing…regarding the cost of the future iPhone updates. I don’t think it’s entirely inevitable. As you said, they are going to get their money anyway, by charging more for the services, plus, Apple is changing the AT&T deal right now and the 2.0 update will still be free of charge for the iPhone.

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