Reader Feedback Request: Record Streaming Quicktime?

Rick sent in a question to me, and while I won’t be able to do with with every question I get, it’s one that I was looking for an answer to myself, and I’ll be there are several others out there that would like to know as well…so anyway…if you happen to know a method to go about this, please leave comments below…

do know of a way to record streaming video from quicktime?

A quick Google search finds mostly spamming sites with little help or information…can anyone point us towards a good application to do this, or a methodi within OS X itself?


  1. Hi,

    how about you use iShowU and just record whats on the screen?


  2. This page,, lists a few. I have read thatAudio Hijack is a very good product but I haven’t tried it or any others.

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