Google Talk Support added to latest iChat 4.0 build

picture1.pngThis screenshot shows us that Google Talk support has been the latest build of iChat 4.0. Google Talk support is a welcome addition toiChat – and I hope we see more IM client support before the final release. I have several friends who use MSN Messenger, and even a few who use Yahoo Messenger as well, and it would be nice if I could just use iChat to talk with all of them.

Right now, that is what keeps me from using iChat as my primary chat client. I will always choose a client like Adium and Pidgin (formerly Gaim) as long as I can’t get full chat support in iChat.


  1. Gary says

    I hope they can add MSN Messenger Support and Skype. So far I’ve never used iChat and I don’t have any reason to. But if it would support Messenger, I’d be happy to Switch.

  2. Mark says

    wait what? gtalk support has been built-in for ages?!

    i’m talking on gTalk via iChat right now.

    server is, and your user name is your gmail address.

  3. Steve says

    I doubt MS would allow Apple to add the MSN protocol to iChat, but it would be really awesome if they did. Their MSN client is a piece of crap, it would be wise of them to cut their losses and let Apple do all the legwork, and just give them the network to use, just as they did with WMP.

  4. David says

    Mark’s right. You just set it up as he instructed, selecting it as a Jabber account instead of AIM.

  5. David says

    BTW – You can also send text messages to people’s cellphone’s using iChat. You set it up as an AIM identity, using their phone number preceded by a “+1”, ie. John Smith, +12223334444 (AIM).

  6. Eytan says

    Can anyone with the seed verify if you get the actual “Talk” functionality that the Windows client offers? Now THAT would be an addition that the Jabber only access does not offer….

  7. Jimmi says

    The Leopard iChat 4 is a crap :( still doen’t support MSN or YAHOO… and the JABBER support is a real problem!!! because works worse them in iChat 3 :(( … GOOGLE TALK??? why the fuck support google BETA system?… Apple is disappointing everyone again!!!!

  8. christopher Medellin says

    I can’t get google talk to work on ichat 4.0. I tried jabber and google talk option. I can see my friends online and they can see me… however when I double click to begin a chat session, I get an empty box stating that I must select at least one person to chat with. Also, when I double click on a name it sometimes crashes the system.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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