Evernote for Mac/iPhone Private Beta – 20 invites – who wants ‘em?

Evernote is a very interesting application/service that I’m trying out based on high recommendations from a Twitter friend. So far its looks very interesting. you can get an idea of how it works from the demonstration video above.

Having received an invitation into the beta, I now have 20 invites to give away to users. So if you want to give Evernote a try, leave a comment below, or contact me directly. WARNING: Don’t leave your email address in the comments below. If you enter your email address in the email box when you leave a comment I’ll be able to see it, and send you an invite – if you leave your email address in the body of the comment there’s a good chance you’ll eventually find yourself getting spam emails from various charlatans from around the web. Don’t do it.

UPDATE: I have run out of invites, but Evernote contacted me shortly after posting this and offered up 100 more invites to the beta, so keep the requests coming, I’ll be able to give out more shortly.


  1. Love to have a copy of this beta if you still have any left.


  2. Cameron Peck says:

    I would like one please.

  3. Forrest Tanaka says:

    One of the rare applications I’ve seen where I couldn’t stifle a “wow!” I would like a beta invite. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Please. Thanks.

  5. yes please

  6. WillGonz says:

    I would love to try it out. Thanks, William

  7. james Walker says:

    That is a nice app, you have any invites left?

  8. The Wizard says:

    Would like to give it a try. Can I have one please Michael? Thanks.

  9. yes please

  10. Would love to have an invite, can’t wait to try it out and write a review.

  11. I would like an invite please, thanks!

  12. Would like to try it if you still have any invites left. Thank you.

  13. Please can i have one too!


  14. Edward Vogt says:

    I would like to try it out please

  15. I would like one please. Thank you.

  16. I’m interested too! So if ya still got one of those invites, pleaasse ;)

  17. have you still got one? I’d love one. :)

  18. Looks cool. If there are any invites left, I’d be interested in checking it out.

  19. I would LOVE an invite. Please and thank you.

  20. That sounds amazing!

  21. n. buckley says:

    I would be interested.
    Thank you kindly

  22. Add me to the invitation list, please

  23. I’d love an invite if you have more.

    Thanks :-)

  24. Could you send me one if you have anymore? Pretty please?

  25. I’d like an invite too.

    Oh my gosh, OCR on the fly ! wow.

  26. oooh, 20th commenter means I want one too.

  27. I’d like to give it a go please.

  28. I’d love to have one…

  29. Yes please.

    btw thanks for a very good website

  30. I’d like to kick the tires and take it for a spin. Thx!

  31. Me too, please.

  32. This looks cool. I’d like to try it if you have any left.

  33. Thank you for the offer; I’d certainly appreciate a chance to try out this functionality if you have any additional invitations available.

  34. I’ve got a bucket of invites too, find me if you want in.

  35. Now that you’ve gotten the increased number, I’d love an invite if you have a spare. Please and thank you!

  36. Fiddler in Oz says:

    Sounds very cool. May I have an invitation please? You the man Michael!

  37. John Kunze says:

    I would greatly appreciate an invite. I switched to Mac OS last August and missed Evernote that I religiously used on my Windows based PC. Evernote for the Mac would be a welcome addition at my home. Thank You.

  38. Paul delbim says:

    Hells yeah I’ll take one, that looks sick

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