Bill Gates called out on “Vista Innovations”

MacDailyNews has posted a great video of Bill Gates being confronted about how “mac-like” vista is on CNN:

Click Here to check out their full article, including commentary…


  1. It’s like Apple ads :

    _Mac “Vista looks like OS X!”

    _PC “Actually no, we have photos, media center, easy way to do dvds…”

    _Mac “We also have it…”

  2. I love the way he shifts in his seat after the interviewer asks that question. And NO ONE is doing parental controls…

  3. Steve Grenier says:

    I like how he doesn’t even answer the question lol.

  4. “OMG! LOOK! MEDIA CENTER!!!” says Gates.

    He failed to mention that it was a clone of Apple’s front row…..

  5. Matt Moriarity says:

    To be fair, he has points with tablet and media center. front row came after media center, and media center does do some things front row does not, and apple doesn’t even have a tablet.

    On the other hand, I laughed out loud at parental controls (which have been a feature in OS X for quite a while), editing high-definition movies (iMovie HD anyone?) and photos (once again, iPhoto anyone?)! How in the world does he think they did those first?

  6. You know what it comes down to? Something my Econ Prof back in College said.

    “It’s not about who had or did it first, it all matters on who was to market with it first.”

    Saying this Apple was first out with many many things. But to say Microsoft just copied is mostly crazy. MS is allowed to be late but still be innovative, even though the public will just say, “Oh yeah seen it some where else,” and “good thing they finally added that.” This constance war is just wearing on those of us in the middle of it. Time to let it go and move on. You take your OS and I will take mine. (Which is Apple Mac OS X)

  7. Media Center was around before Front Row

  8. macs are lame, get over it douce bags, they have no market share, well what sorry 5%, rubbish.

  9. Yeah its alike aero is different from aqua…

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