Zune launches – outlook not so good

zunevipod.jpgBack in September I took a look at the Zune Vs. iPod issue with what we knew at that time on another blog. At the time, based on that (admittedly limited) information, it looked like the Zune had a shot at being a contender this holiday season…

How does it look now that the Zune is officially here?

Not so good.

From Engadget’s “Installing the Zune…sucked” article, to CNN’s less than stellar review (where the anchors even pulled out an iPod Shuffle to praise and show off to the viewing audience) things are not looking good for the Microsoft “iPod Killer”.

When you combine negative reviews with a confusing (and shady) payment system, AND setting an unbelievable precedent by paying studio executives a precentage of hardware sales because quote:

“These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it,” UMG chairman/CEO Doug Morris says. “So it’s time to get paid for it.” – Universal Music Group

There is little chance that the Zune is going to come out a winner this year. Of course, I already predicted that in my Macworld 2007 predictions article, but really, is anyone reading this surprised by the turn out so far?

When the smoke clears the final sales numbers will tell the real story, but right now, if you’re going to spend $249 on an MP3 player…you’re probably going to want an iPod.


  1. […] That depends. If the social aspects of Zune are appealing to you, and you’re a Windows user and you’re already using the Xbox 360 Marketplace, then Zune is probably your best choice  worth looking at. If you’re not interested in the Wifi features, you will definetly want to look at the iPod, but in several important areas (screen size, download choice, price…) Zune is a clear winner.  At least, that’s how it looked until the Zune actually came out, and just about everyone that’s reviewed it said it can’t hold a candle to the iPod.  You can find links to CNNs review of the Zune, and others here. Believe me when I tell you, I’m not a big Microsoft fan. I’m typing this on a Mac right now. I WANT the iPod to be better than Zune…and if the mythical “True Video iPod” ever shows up, it might blow Zune out of the water…but right now, it’s a close race – which can only be good for all of us. […]

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