YouTube Find: Unboxing a 20th Anniversary Macintosh

Alfred DiBlasi is not a stranger to Apple videos…you may remember him from the Apple Lisa demonstration video from a few years ago. In this current video, he and his friends spend a whopping 22 minutes unboxing a still in-box 20th Anniversary Macintosh.

Surprisingly, the video remains entertaining almost all the way through. Thanks to Charlie for sending in the link via TUAW.


  1. i can’t believe i just watched this from beginning to end. i am such a huge nerd. :(

  2. @Phil

    I couldn’t believe I did it either. :P

  3. Obviously missed the Napoleon Dynamite reference…and the original owner is rolling over in his/her grave right now as they obviously never intended the box to be opened. But like action figures, they were meant to be opened and played with…

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