YouTube Find: Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer

This is an interesting clip. I’ve posted part of it before, but what I find really interesting about this one is Steve Ballmer’s portion, where he tells us that with Windows 95 and Windows 98 we were all going to start seeing “clear leadership” from Microsoft when it comes to OS developement…that…uh…didn’t actually happen, did it?


  1. Steve says

    The did for some time, Win 2000 was good and XP was a good improvement (dun mention Win ME… it never happened..)

  2. solo says

    No matter how much Real Steve Jobs fucks up, he will never be as crappy as Monkey Boy & Co!!! Third rate, third rate, third rate!!!

  3. Ryan says

    Yeah we saw leadership.
    How much market share does windows STILL have compared to ANY other platform?
    How much is microsoft worth compared to apple?
    How much proof do you need? :)

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