Whoops: Magic Mouse is Making Keyboard Batteries Disappear


Ouch. According to a forum post on the Apple Discussion board, it looks like the new Magic Mouse is having issues with eating up the batteries on the Apple Wireless Keyboard. No one is quite sure why this is happening, but for the thousands of people who have been buying iMacs in the past few months, this is a problem. After all, the new iMac only comes with the wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse, and if they want to fix the problem, they either have to switch the mouse or the keyboard for another model.

I’ve written twice about my feelings on the Magic Mouse, and although I think the technology is amazing and that it looks great, I just don’t think this is the most functional mouse you can buy today. And if it’s busy turning the batteries in the wireless keyboard into dust, then it may be time to start shopping for another option.

If only it wasn’t so damned pretty.

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