TomTom for iPhone Updates to 1.5

Last week I penned a review about the TomTom app for the iPhone, detailing my trip to California and how handy the app was (full disclosure: I was given the app for free for review). Anyways, they updated the app to 1.5, and the new features are pretty cool.

First off, there’s the higher resolution graphics, which are now designed for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. These are more than just pretty to look at, they really make the app fun to use. But then there’s a big new feature, which is really cool.

It’s called Navigate to Picture, and it does just that. For example, last week I took some shots of my friend’s ’51 Ford on the trailer, right outside of our mutual friend’s house. I used my iPhone 4, so it has the geolocation tagged right into the image. Once I click on the icon, I can plot a route directly to that spot – and it’s specific, too. It’s not just my friend’s house, it’s slightly up the street, which is where I took the picture. That’s cool.

The price has gone up to $49.99, but I still think it’s worth the purchase. It’s still cheaper than a dedicated GPS, and it’s easier to use than Google Maps when driving down the road. Plus the update just puts the icing on the cake. I dig it.

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