The Podcasting Woes Continue…

So, It all worked this weekend. I have the audio file on the Podcast feed to prove it.

Then I recorded the show for today in Garage Band again.

and it won’t export it.

So, another show is down the tubes.

I have downloaded Sound Studio, I have downloaded Fission, I have downloaded Ubercaster, and my mic sounds like crap in every single one of them.

It sounds fine in Garage Band, though.

This makes no sense to me, and has infuriated me beyond a capacity for rational thought.


  1. If it sounds fine in GB, use Audio Hijack Pro and grab the audio from it. What are you using for a mic and audio interface?

  2. @Mark –

    while a good idea in a pinch, that isn’t very time effective for a daily podcast. It literally doubles the time it takes to make the podcast work…and on top of that, Audio Hijack Pro keeps crashing when it tries to hijack Garage Band

    The mic is a Samson q1u

  3. Looks like it’s time to set up an appt with an Apple Genius. Could be an intermitent hardware problem. Maybe you’re looking at a clean install. If anything, the trip should give you enough material for a few posts.

  4. Paco Rodriguez - Spain says:

    I have recorded a test podcast using garageband and then exporting it and then listening it on iTunes and sounds ok…. so

    a) it should be a configuration problem. Have you checked MIDI Output / input?
    b) you should have installed some component on GarageBand that it uses on exporting. Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that you haven’t installed anything to GarageBand? Maybe a mixing jampack or something?
    c) have you checked preferences->exporting->audio podcast settings?

    Good luck!

  5. Are you trying “export to disk” or “send podcast to iTunes”? I have had better luck with the latter. Then I convert the m4a to mp3 in iTunes and then publish.

  6. @krye

    You’re right…but the closest store is 4 hour round trip.


    yup, I’m sure, and I’ve tried them and check the settings. Thanks for the suggestions.


    yeah, i tried them both. I’m actually going to uninstall Garageband from iLife 06 and try my 05 version…just to see what happens.

  7. The Wizard says:

    My suggestion.

    Change your mic (and/or) your computer and see what happens till you isolate the cause. Then deal with it.

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