The Man with 100 Macs


CNN has an image gallery up, showing off the collection of Jeremy Mehrle, a Mac collector with over 100 Macs in his collection. Highlights of said collection include a rare Lisa, and even a 20th Anniversary Mac.

You can click here and view the entire gallery.


  1. now there’s a guy with too much money on his hands.

  2. @Phil.


    I can’t figure out why you’d need more than one (two max) of each.


  3. I hope he’s running Folding@Home instead of just screen savers.

  4. The amazing thing is that according to the video, most of them actually still work. As opposed to my old Pentium 166 MHz that passed away almost 8 years ago and it was only 3 years at the time.

    I say Apple did a very good job on the hardware of these old models.

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