Superman is a Mac User

On the television show Smallville – in this week’s episode Lana Lang ended up snooping around in young Clark Kent’s room. We don’t see his room much, but this time, I notice a little something that seemed just right for a slow news day…anyway, here it is.

Clark Kent (aka Superman) is a Mac User.

Update: Thanks to Codie for pointing out the Apple Cinema Display I missed.



  1. Even better than this is Spooks (Or MI5 as you call it) has a ton of Mac hardware, throughout the set, even the iPod gets a couple of showings.

  2. what strikes is that even though the Kents were always low on money, at least before Martha became senator, they had the good sense to invest in a Mac for Clark. I will go as far as to say that having a Mac is part of why Smallville Clark is a lot more confident than previous incarnations of young Superman. I doubt he wold have had time to discover all his powers if he was too busy dealing with the crappyness of Windows.

  3. Codie Westphall says:

    funny that you missed the apple cinema display tut tut

    hahaha well at least im almost +ve its a apple cinema display

  4. Yeah, Codie’s right, he’s using an Apple Cinema Display too. :-)

  5. and what for does he even need all that? what with a photographic super memory and such :P

  6. They used to use Macs back during their Torch days in High School. Even Lex Luthor used to use an iBook. Same as Chloe Sullivan. Now most of them use Dells.

  7. Everyone uses Mac’s… even superheros

    ..but especially in movies/tv as they look much nicer than anything else.

  8. The “White Bitch” in Epic Movie (which I just saw here in Riga, Latvia) had what was either a MacBook Pro or a 12 inch Powerbook G4. Apple seems to get placement in a lot of films where anyone, never mind a hero or positive character, uses a laptop or desktop. I am writing this on my black MacBook :).

  9. Last week on “Noire” there was the iPod plug courtesy of Jimmy Olsen. Anyone catch that?

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