SPECULATION/RUMOR: Possible Apple Phone Image

iphoneimagemobileme.jpgThis image has been making the rounds, and, while I don’t think this is the actual Apple Phone, it is an interesting design.

Take a look, and feel free to leave your thoughts below…

Source: LoopRumors 


  1. phil says

    it’s a fake. they wouldn’t call it the iphone, apple ain’t so dumb to not know that another company holds the rights to that name. they wouldn’t even slip like that on an internal design.

  2. iPanic says

    i agree, plus the product design is awfull, why would apple leave so much unused plastic, the poster says no buttons, so why the blank plastic under the display. The screen also looks the wrong aspect ratio for a mobile device

  3. Michael says

    iPanic –

    The interesting thing about this design is that the white space below the screen would be a touch pad. The pad would correspond with whatever was on the screen. So if it was a number pad, you would dial on the touch screen.

    Again, I don’t think it’s real, though.

    I do, however, find the concept interesting.

  4. iPanic says

    Michael –

    Good point but why not just use touchscreen technology, having the pad under the screen as a touchpad would be a waste of space in my humble opinion, and Apple are quite efficient when it comes to product design.

  5. Michael says

    iPanic –

    I think the reason against using a touchscreen is the fingerprints issue. However, I’m not sure that this design would be an efficient alternative. It seems to me that it could be complicated to use.

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