SPECULATION: Is Leopard’s “Top Secret” feature a 3D Interface?

apple-logo.jpgInfinite Loop has an interesting speculative piece about what Leopard’s “top secret” feature (and the reason for the iLife and iWork delays) might be that Leopard will feature a 3D interface. Now, they’re not suggesting that images will float above the screen in 3 dimensions or anything, just that the desktop itself and the interface may be in a 3D environment.

I’m not sure what to think about this.

On one hand, it could be really cool. On the other hand, wouldn’t this be a really bad idea for Apple to announce without letting developers know about it before hand? I don’t know…I’m not a developer (except for the occational Dashboard coded widget), so if you are (and I know some of you are) what do you think about this as a possibility? Is it something they could keep under wraps and then release on you at the last second?


  1. I think we will see a new 3D interface but not just yet. My money is on Mac OS 11, not X. So, new interface? Sure. 3D? Not so much.

  2. I doubt 3D, it would be cool but I HIGHLY doubt it. I’ll eat a boot to that.

  3. Good one, Steve. :)

  4. It is possible that Apple could just expand the existing interface. All cocoa and carbon applications should be updated flawlessly, and developers can turn it on in their applications via a single line of code in the Info.plist file. It shouldn’t be too hard, looking how developers transitioned their applications to universal binaries, which is a much harder task… Custom Writer

  5. I think it is possible, but not right now, unless they have some major hardware stuff planned. I think for Apple to do a 3D interface to Apple standards they are going to need to develop a near perfect way to interface it. Sure they could make some amazing 3D graphics, but I don’t think the current input options would allow for intuitive control of it. I could see maybe trackpad gestures coming into the picture, but desktops don’t have those so thats not really a universal enough option. But, if they plan on some major hardware updates, which aren’t out of the question, or come up with some kind of crazy new input device, I think we could see it in Leopard.

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