Software Spotlight: Awaken

As Alarm applications go, most of them do exactly what they’re supposed to do…but Awaken from Embraceware does that…plus a whole lot more.

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awaken01.jpgAwaken is extremely easy to use, and has a slick interface. You simply select the plus button to schedule a new alarm.
awaken02.jpgNext, you simply select the options that you want associated with the alarm, and click save when you’re done. You can wake up to any tune from your iTunes library.
awaken03.jpgNow you’re alarm is ready to go. Slick, simple, and only $8 bucks. The addition features of the program include a back-up alarm, an egg timer, full screen mode, and even Apple remote support.
Embraceware has made a pretty cool Alarm Clock, and you can check out a free demo by click here.


  1. Hey Guys – thanks for reviewing Awaken. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m working on version 3.1 which is a major update even though it’s just a point release. More info can be found on our blog:

  2. Thanks to Michael for posting, thanks to Jerry for the follow up! I actually really need something like this!

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