Reader Feedback Request: What is Apple’s Greatest Design?

I was thinking about the design awards today, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on the Top 5 Apple Designs of all time…but – man – that’s a hard Top 5 to pick…

So, I thought I’d ask for your feedback and see what you guys think…

What is Apple’s Greatest Design?


  1. Napoleonski000 says:

    Rounded Rectangles :)

  2. Har, har…

  3. My personal ranking would be following:

    1. iMac G4 (This is the absolute kick-ass design of Apple – the half globe and then this awesome display – I’d love to see like a new intel-mac with the g4 imac design – but I think that’ll never happen)

    2. iPod 3rd Generation (I think – though not very slim – the white iPod 3G was the most beautiful of all iPods because of the buttons and the wheel and because the rounded edges on the front as on the back – unlike the new video iPod which is flat and the edges aren’t round on the front side)

    3. Macbook (especially the white one…though it isn’t that slim either – compared to the Macbook Pro but it’s widescreen and it’s beautiful and widescreen – that’s why I didn’t wirte iBook)

    4. iMac Cube G4 (I don’t know the exact name but Cube should tell everyone what I mean! The design in my opinion very smooth and a nice idea – though the hardware wasn’t that good – but we’re talking about design)

    5. Apple Mouse Pro (in black as well as in white – a masterpiece of design though there wasn’t the scroll ball yet which the mighty mouse has)

  4. 1. iPod
    2. The Macintosh
    3. PowerBook G4
    4. iLife
    5. iMac G4

  5. While they do great physical industrial design it has got to be Mac OS. Without it no Macs would exist. If you have to go hardware then the Apple II is a classic bit of design functionality, especially when you compare it to the offereings of the day. And once again without it there would be no Macs.

  6. Phred –

    i hadn’t even considered that…that’s a VERY good point.

  7. 1. G4 Cube
    2. G4 Cube
    3. G4 Cube
    4. G4 Cube
    5. G4 Cube

  8. iMac G5 and later
    iMac G4
    MacBook Pro
    Apple retail stores (Manhattan glass cube)

  9. iMac G4. I’m still boggled how they managed to fit an entire computer as well as a disc drive in that machine, hands down the best they’ve done. Also no one said it but the Aqua interface I think is beautiful, a little dated now but man was it amazing compared to the rest.

  10. 1. iBook (seashell shape)
    2. iMac G4
    3. Cube
    4. iMac G3

  11. G4 cube (most creative)
    MacPro (most elegant)
    Macbook Pro (most functional)
    Mac Mini (most efficient)
    iPhone (most inventive)

  12. iMac G5. It’s a brilliant form factor.

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