Reader Feedback Request: Podcasting Help

So, I’m officially “out of my mind” frustrated with trying to do the simple process of recording a podcast. This has turned into a complete and total nightmare of one problem after another, and I can’t even begin to figure out what is wrong or how to fix it.

It started with the mic not working properly….but let’s forget that part for now.

Now, the software won’t work.

I’ve been using Garage Band. It’s never been a problem before…the only thing that has changed is iTunes 7.3 – since then it has been impossible for me to get audio out of Garage Band. I recorded a small sample file (only 30 seconds or so) and it exported fine, played in iTunes…the works.

So I then recorded all of today’s podcast (this is the 3rd day in a row where, after recording a podcast, I discovered I couldn’t use it), then clicked “Share to iTunes” like I always do. It goes through the entire conversion process…then flips over to iTunes….then nothing.

iTunes didn’t get the file. No error, no nothing. It just acts like the file doesn’t exist.

So then I tried exporting the file to “Disk”. Well, I did that, and the file shows up on my Desktop, but it won’t play in iTunes, or anywhere else.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled and all of that, and it is no help.

I have literally run out of ideas.

Any thoughts?


  1. says

    We swear by Audio Hijack Pro for the Tuesday Night Tech podcast–I have been using it for years and wouldn’t think to try anything else. Here’s how bulletproof this software is–the other night during the show–live recording, mind you–the power flicked out and back on again. The software picked up exactly where it left off before the outage–never missed a beat. Plus, you can mix in iTunes, Skype, etc. with cool sliders that make it like a real recording studio. Garageband is for music, always has been–no matter what they try to sneak in (pseudo-podcasting support) it will never match Audio Hijack.

  2. Paco Rodriguez - Spain says

    My boss (he is not a Mac user) has just upgraded to iTunes 7.3 and when he rebooted the PC…. boom! he missed the partition table!

    I told him that it is not possible that iTunes can do anithing wrong in that way, because it has nothing to do with a partition table, it should be something with the hard drive in that specific moment….

    Now you mention that the only change you have made is upgrade to iTunes 7.3 too, so I am wondering if the apple programmers had fortunately (or unfutunately) misprogrammed something on it on the way to give support to iPhone….

    Perhaps you can downgrade back to 7.2…. Now you are f*d up, so the thing could’t go for worst…

    There is a way to download a pkg of a previous version of an apple software right from apple to install it…

  3. ohcyt says

    he can’t downgrade, since he has an iPhone he needs 7.3.

    My windows install of 7.3 went shitty too, my library was gone. All my settings, podcasts, playlists, cover art, gone …. I hope the next update won’t mess with peoples computer this much.

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