Photoshop CS3 Beta coming on Friday?

If you own CS2 at least…

Apple Insider is reporting that Adobe Systems will be releasing a Beta of Photoshop CS3 to owners of a valid serial number for the current CS2 version of the photo editing software.

Apparently this will be the only CS application that will be available in Beta, and it will be the “standard” version of Photoshop CS3.  An “Advanced” version of the software appears to be in development that focuses on the video and science markets.

The Universal Binary is reported to “scream” on the new Intel Macs…which I’m sure most Photoshop users will be very happy to hear.

This info was reported EXCLUSIVELY by Apple Insider (they’re very proud of that fact, it seems – they mention it twice in the article), and you can click here to read their EXCLUSIVE article with all of it’s EXCLUSIVE words.


  1. Don’t look like the right info to me!

  2. Weird how they say “Word of Adobe’s intentions to hold an early CS3 beta was reportedly exclusively by AppleInsider this past weekend.”

    When in fact, I posted this post with a screenshot on Dec 6th, 4 days before their ‘report’.


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