OS X Quick Tip: Email a URL at Super Speed!

If you want to share a URL with a buddy, there is a super fast way to do it in OS X.

Just hit Command-Shift-I and mail will open with the name of the page in the subject line, and the URL linked in the body of the email. Note that this only works while you’re using Safari. I tried it in Firefox and got nothing.

Sending emails like this instead of using a site’s “Refer-a-friend” form is a much better way of making sure that your buddy’s spam blocker doesn’t prevent him/her from getting the message.

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  1. says

    Great tip! I also love the one where you can send the HTML of an entire page in Mail by selecting cmd-I

    works only in safari i believe…I’ll be sure to send this in to you as a QuickTip

  2. says

    You can achieve the same thing by creating a bookmark in Safari and then using “mail-link:” (without the quotes) as address. I have this in my Safari bookmarks bar and sending a page to a friend is just a mouse click away.

  3. emaven says

    Put the following javascript in the address bar. Then drag it to your bookmarks bar. Name it SEND.
    Anytime you want to mail a link to the page you are viewing, just click on this bookmark SEND. It will open mail, include the subject and the link. All you have to do is put in the recipient.

    This is a bookmarklet.


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