Microsoft ends Messenger Development for Mac

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Microsoft has dropped MSN Messenger for Mac from development. The notoriously buggy application will be discontinued, but Microsoft promises that a new IM client that will work with AIM/gTalk/ICQ will be released soon.

The new app has been described by Microsoft as “really, really cool and awesome.” Which is, of course, what all us hip, young Mac users are into, right? Don’t you want a “really, really cool and awesome” IM client from those cool hip cats at the big M?


You don’t? What do you mean we already have Adium and who the heck needs Microsoft?

For shame, young hip Mac user, for shame.


  1. Steve says

    MS needs to just turn over the MSN protocol to Apple and let them handle it with iChat. There are already way better 3rd party apps that do what MS plans to do, MS should just let Apple make the proper 1st party program with all the networks, I’m still going to use Jabber to get my iChat MSN, but it would be nice to have native support.

  2. Tech010101x says

    What about connecting to Microsoft Live Communication Servers used in big business? I would hate to see this support dropped – interoperability is key to getting Mac OS X accepted as a desktop replacement in many corporate environments.

  3. Leo says

    Michael, would you maind to provide a link to the news, please? I can’t find the original story in Microsoft or elsewhere. Thanks.

  4. Eytan Bernet says

    Yes, please, some coroboration is in order here… this is pretty big news to drop on us with no info to back it up….


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