Leopard is coming in June or I’ll eat a Boot

osx_leopard1.jpgYou may have seen this Digitimes post this week about Leopard being delayed until October. Apple has responded that this is completely untrue, of course. These kinds of things are going to keep creeping their way onto the Internet until the day Leopard actually ships. It’s inevitable, and it’s not even something I can say I find frustrating or really annoying…it’s just going to happen. People are going to continue to speculate about this until the last second…

…but I want to just flat out go on the record now. I’ve been saying it for a while now, and I feel 100% confident about it.

Leopard = June.

I’ll even go so far as to say if Leopard doesn’t come out in June, I will eat a boot. That’s right, a boot. That’s how serious I am about this. Let it be known…I am putting my money in the June release pool.

Leopard is going to be very cool…and you’re going to get it in June.


  1. It’s really starting to look that way. That sucks in a way… For one thing, we won’t see major computer updates before it. For another, Leopard and iPhone coming out at the same time will be too much, both financially and cognitively.

    I was really hoping for Leopard (with iLife) about 6 weeks before iPhone, so we can all get it and get familiar with it. It would also probably make us hungrier for the iPhone if it included clues to some unannounced iPhone features.

  2. Eating a boot can be good for your body so I really hope you’re right

  3. The Wizard says:

    Well Michael. Very funny indeed. But, what if Leopard did make it to the market before June, let’s say in May. Will you still be eating that boot? :)

  4. @The Wizard –

    Yes. I will.

  5. Michael, I am curious as to what kind of boot you will be eating. Could you post a picture of said boot?

  6. Josh –

    I hadn’t actually thought about it yet. I don’t think it’s going to be necessary. I’ll look for one, though. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a link.

  7. I hope you’re right! I’m holding off on my new iMac until Leopard comes out, because I’d rather just have it than have Tiger and have to upgrade later. I was worried when they started saying fall… I want my mac!

    Stupid Dell… *glares*

  8. I suspect that the iPhone interface and the rumors about Leopard having a “glossy black” look have something in common?

    And the killer Leopard feature?…..
    Runs on any x86 machine. Nuke M$ and Linux in the same bomb.

  9. Apple should wait ’till July 1st so they could see you eat that boot :P Heheh would be funny :D

  10. Lucky –

    You know what? If they did…I’d love it. That’s great publicity for the site. :)

  11. Jorge Lucas says:


    I believe you are right, because iPhone will ship in june and it will be running Leopard.

    But … just in case they delay a bit, you can always eat that chocolate boot.

    Too delicious!

    Jorge Lucas from Rio Grande do Sul

  12. Will you eat a boot if its released before June? ;)

  13. Steve –

    Sure, why not?

  14. Just wondering, is this boot which you will eat made of plastic or leather? ;)
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  15. Better be careful what you promise, these things have a way of coming back at you — just ask filmmaker Werner Herzog

  16. looks like somone HAS to eat a boot.

  17. Eat your boot! Be a man of your words!!! Lol

  18. Sharky Sharky says:

    I want a video posted on youtube of you eating a book. A Promise is a promise!

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