Joost 0.9 released for Mac

joost.jpgBy now, you’ve no doubt heard about Joost, the P2P “TV 2.0″ project from the creators of Skype and KaZaa.  In fact, some of you are trying to score invites into the private beta (and I can help you with that…more on that in a moment)

The Joost team has released version 0.9 of their software for download.  This is the second release for Mac, and features a few interesting improvements.

First, inviting friends to Joost now happens from within Joost itself, not just the webpage.  There is an invitation widget located in the My Joost area of the application now.

Also, the team seems to have listened to online requests and added a standby mode which pauses all video and minimized the program to your taskbar.  It’s a perfect emergency strategy for when you’re watching Joost at work and the boss comes in (not that you would ever do that, of course).

Other improvements include how Joost handles poor network performance and the ability for shows to have “overlays” that allow for extra content to be displayed.

All very interesting stuff.  Click Here to check it out.

Now, about those invites…

If you want to get into the Joost Beta, I have 4 (and only 4) invites to give away.  If you want in, listen to today’s Apple Gazette Daily Podcast.  I’ll be giving you a secret word to email me, and the first 4 individuals to do that will get the invites.

Why such asinine methods for getting invites?  Mainly because I don’t want a hundred emails asking for the invites…but also because it’s fun…



  1. I have 5 invites as well… but the page to send invitations seems to be not available anymore… any idea ?

  2. Luca, the available tokens are placed in the program now.
    Have have to look ate the widgets in Joost.
    Click on “my Joost” in the program.

  3. Is there any invite to the Joost Beta programm left?


  4. i’m looking for the podcast… where is it??? i need joost!!!! argh..

  5. Rebby Brarbs says:


    Do you want to relieve yourself of those invites?


  6. I’ve listened to 9 minutes of rambling.. but NO secret word!!!
    april fool??

  7. thomas p folair says:

    Hi Michael. I’ve never had a need to e-mail you before and I can’t find a “contact” link anywhere. Am I an idiot. Probably. But. I’d love one of those invites if still available. Listening to the podcast, as I often do, right now.


  8. Hello there, I wish to have an invitation. It will be kind from you.

    coloneltao at gmail dot com

  9. Hey. I sent an email to get an invite when the podcast came out but I didn’t received anything. If you still have an invite, I would appreciate one.

    My email is

    tremblay.frederic [at] gmail [dot] com

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