InstaBG Turns Instagram Photos into Twitter Background


Apple’s iPhone has been largely instrumental in the smartphone explosion we are witnessing right now. It’s iPhone’s versatility that has been largely responsible in presenting us a radically different perspective about what a phone can do.

The iPhone and social media go hand in hand. It truly brings the “social” in “social media”, making it easier to make updates on the social media network of your choice on the fly. One of the most popular social media networks is Twitter. Apple believes in the power of Twitter so much that it has even integrated it into iOS 5, the latest version of its mobile operating system.

If you’re a huge fan of Twitter and often use it, you may not be very happy with the drab background Twitter provides for the default Twitter page. If you want to put some excitement on your Twitter home page, you can use a variety of solutions, and one of the best ones out there is InstaBG.

InstaBG is a great service that allows you to “skin” your Twitter home page with a cool background taken from Instagram. InstaBG turns your ho-hum Twitter page into a colorful, arresting one.

Using InstaBG is quite easy, all you need to do is to visit the web site. Upon reaching the site, you will read a prompt to login to InstaBG using your Twitter account. This step will actually link your Twitter account to the InstaBG service. Upon logging in you will be asked to authorize the InstaBG service. Upon approval, you will automatically be using InstaBG on your Twitter page. InstaBG provides a number of options that will allow you to further customize how InstaBG provides backgrounds to your Twitter page.

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