Help! Macbook disconnecting WiFi problem!

I got an IM from one of the fellows at the Bloggy Network (Ahmed from Tech Soapbox – among other things) with a Macbook problem that I couldn’t answer.

my missus’ computer (macbook) is roughly right upstars above the router. She gets DCed every 5 minutes or so. I have my (new) tablet upstairs, right next to her computer, and it seems to be suffering from 0 disconnections…or to be more accurate – it doesnt say she disconnected. The web just dies.

The Wireless network is WPA enhanced with TKIP / PSK –

So I call upon you, dear readers, to help us out here…do you have any clue as to what might be causing this problem?


  1. Have you updated your MacBook’s card to 802.11n and do you use a non “n” router? If so, try making your router accept 802.11g wireless guests only. You can do this by logging into your router (if it’s not an Airport Base Station) and following directions. I just did that on my Belkin Pre-N router (my speeds were lackluster after updating) and now it seems to work quite nicely. If you’re on an Apple Router, your Airport Admin Utility should lead you to it.
    Got the tip from reading MacFixit forums. Give it a whack. Hope it helps!

  2. Same problem here. I’ve a ZyXEL and everything was fine with my Powerbook G4 (WPA), but my MacBook pro looses the connection every 5-8 mins…

  3. The problem just started for me when I upgraded my Linksys router from dd-wrt v23 sp1 to sp2. Its a b/g setup.

  4. It looks to me that is it specific to my access point. If I take it to another AP, it appears to work fine.

  5. Sorry, one more update. I have read in some places that it only happens on battery, but not on mains. I haven’t checked yet, but I’m going to look into it when I get home.

  6. Mike Hjorleifsson says:

    THis seems to be a problem with some of the cheaper access points (WPA) like d-link and linksys. I experienced the same thing unless i was hooked up to a netgear or aironet via WPA. So i switched my d-link back to wep 128 and used mac address blocking.

  7. I used a Linksys wireless router that I just bought and had this trouble almost from day 1. A tenant of mine that lives downstairs (floor below) had the same problem (same MacBook as me – same network as me, too).

    When we bought into Verizon FIOS and began using their router (wireless), those issues disappeared completely!

    I never had those issues with other routers, either. Just the Linksys.

  8. Thanks for the helpful ideas guys, but I don’t think any of them apply here :(

    Its a D-Link using WEP, so its not a linksys nor WPA problem. No one has upgraded to -n, so it cannot be that.

    We are thinking of just using the wireless modem by RR themselves.

  9. Sorry to be the nerd that always spouts this, but WEP is horribly easy to break, and MAC spoofing is easy too. Then again it’s probably good enough to keep most neighbors out. Thankfully my Mac’s never had wireless troubles with my Linksys running DD-WRT 23 sp2. My girlfriend’s Dell, however…I finally had to buy another WRT and set it up as a bridge in the other room to stop the drops.

  10. Francisco Rodriguez (SPAIN) says:

    Do you have any wireless telephone near? Someone running on 2.4GHz (DECT technology)? I had to change my AP because of the droppings when that phone is on. Try to switch it off and pay attention if the connection is still dopping.

    Lee, “easy, horrible easy” is going too far… There are many things to know in order to break a WEP + MAC + HIDDEN SSID security… It is possible (of course it is), but there are 1 in 10.000 who is able to do… depending on your area, of course…

  11. try,

    ping -i 2

    (or someother ip around your house, I use my routers cos I know it will always be on)

  12. guys, my mb air is still disconnecting… I made some update, but how can I update MacBook’s card to 802.11n??

  13. A client of mine has a MacBook. The WAP is a Sonicwall TZ190. (Usually these things are rock-solid).
    It seems to disconnect then reconnect about every 20 seconds. The MAC status flashes from Connected to Not Associated With Any Network then to Status Not Available then back. Very annoying, he can’t work. From what I’m told, it’s just the Mac.
    Any ideas?


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