Google Launches Official Mac Blog

mac_blog.gif While most online portals seem to ignore the fact that Mac Users even exist, Google has always supported the Mac community, and today they took that support one step further by launching their own Google Mac Blog. While there isn’t a lot of content to speak of yet, the addition of this blog continues to solidify Google’s commitment to Mac software and Mac Users.

When discussing Google’s mission statement (the “universal access” part, specifically), blogger had this to say “It means making products that everyone can use – including Mac users. We want to provide great products and services to the tens of millions of Mac users around the world, because it’s the right thing to do, and because Mac users inside and outside Google demand it.”

They also provided a link to Google’s current Mac Offerings , a very impressive collection when compared to what other similar companies offer Mac users (although a significantly smaller list than their Windows offerings…all the cool stuff is here).

I’ll be adding the Google blog to our blogroll, and I hope that it becomes a useful resource for Mac Users, and that it will give us an inside look at what Mac products we can see coming from the big “G”.


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    That’s great. Now I hope Google ports GTalk into the Mac–complete with the VoIP functionality! I mean Adium is great and all, but I’d love to be able to use GTalk for VoIP. :)



  1. […] I was pretty excited about the recent news that Google has committed better support for us folks on the Mac. I’m a recent convert myself, much like some on Google’s Mac team (though not exactly a 100% switcher, since I usually work on my PowerBook and Windows-based laptop at the same time–I do a lot of stuff on both platforms, like working on the Mac and gaming on the PC). […]

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