Cingular launches iPhone sign-up page!

screenshot_01.jpgCingular has launched a page on their site for users curious about the iPhone to sign up for announcements about the upcoming product.

There is no new info on the page, or any indication on Cingular’s monthly fees for the iPhone…just the same picture we’ve seen since launch and a place to input your email to be “one of the first to know when the iPhone is Available”.

If you want to give Cingular your email address click here.  If you’d rather NOT give Cingular your email address…don’t worry, I already signed up…and I’ll keep you in the loop.  Just subscribe to our RSS feed, and as soon as they send an announcement out, we’ll write about it here. :)


  1. Yeah this has been up for a while. No new news here.

  2. Man you guys are fast. Cingular just put that page up only 10 days ago and you guys are on it already.

  3. @Joe & JByro1

    Thanks Guys…glad to see you have more time on your hands than I do.

    If it’s been up for a while that’s great. I hadn’t seen it before, and I’m betting some of the readers of this blog haven’t seen it either – so I posted about it. I know it ended up on Digg…but I didn’t put it there. If the thing ends up getting dugg to the front page then my guess is quite a few others missed it too.

    Have a nice day, and thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Just keeping you on your toes. :)

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