Bamboo Plated iPhone Cases

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about these guys before, but after a quick search, I’m apparently wrong. With that being the case, let me tell you about these cool new … umm … cases.

They’re made by Grove, and these are made out of bamboo. For those that don’t know, bamboo is a super renewable resource that grows so fast you can almost watch it move. It’s becoming more popular in home remodeling because of its low price and cool looks, and now we see it in the iPhone.

But what makes these cases different are the etched backs. In this case, it’s the Tribal for the iPhone 4. It’s got an etched variation of a sugar skull on the backside that looks pretty wicked.

Now I’m not sure how these things are in person, but I can tell you that they’re expensive. This particular goodie runs for $89, and apparently there’s a 4-8 week turnaround time for non pre-orders. I’m not sure if the pre-orders are closed or what, but regardless, you’re not getting one tomorrow unless you know a guy who knows a guy.

That said, they’re a neat looking case. Definitely different enough to stand out from the herd yet also protective enough to do its job. If you want one, better sign up soon.

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