Apple Special Event Coverage Begins NOW!


Join us over in our LIVE Area for coverage of the Apple Special Event.

After the event, I will also be posting a full recap of the products announced, hopefully with images that Apple is sure to release as soon as the event is over.

Stay Tuned…it’s going to be an interesting day!


  1. Tim Remington says:

    The person in the live blog is terrible.

    Just relay the facts… nobody cares about your opinion. Signing off…. there are much better blogs than this.

    Echo echo echo echo…. I’m the only one here. Not for long.

  2. americanuck says:

    The sarcasm of the person doing the live feed is not appreciated.

  3. Sorry to disappoint guys…but you’ll find the opinions of the bloggers blogging about this on any live coverage you look at.

  4. thanks for the coverage Michael.

    I cant believe the $200 price drop… didn’t see that coming

  5. @Rick

    Me either…and I know some early adopters that are pretty upset about it.

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