Apple Gazette Daily 341 – Microsoft is weird and Best Buy is disgusting…pass it on.

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Today’s Show: Microsoft is weird and Best Buy is disgusting…pass it on.

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  1. Jerome says

    The whole Best buy thing. You forgot to mention they charge 15% restock fee’s on all products. Or how about they want to sell you geek squad services instead of apple care. I 2nd your feels on how slimy and under handed they are. I will not set foot in their local store anymore. Even though they carry apple products. If I need something I will order it from apple and wait. I say we start a Boycott of bestbuy around the country. Thanks for the vent

  2. says

    Ryan Block analyzed the Microsoft commercial with Jerry Seinfeld. Listen to Episode 159 of This Week In Tech ( recorded Sunday (Sept 7).

    You could say it’s a commercial about nothing.
    Or maybe not.


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