Ahem – make that 100 Invites to Mac Heist

Just checked the Mac Heist account, and my invites have increased to 100.

I have 99 left…if you want them, they’re going quick.


  1. Tristan Newcomb says:

    Cool — I’ll take one . . . thx

  2. freedenizen says:

    Heist invite? count me in

  3. Yes, please.


  4. yes pls

  5. Yes plz thnx

  6. Sure I’ll take one. Thanks!

  7. Yes, Please.

  8. Yes Please

  9. Thank you very much!


  10. Yes Please! Thank you!

  11. I’d like one, please. :)

  12. That would be super. Please if you still have one available.


  13. If you are giving them out i would love one. Thanks

  14. i’ll have an invite

  15. I’d love one very much thanks! Please and thankyou!

  16. I’d like one. Thanks.

  17. i would like an invite

  18. YES PLEASE!!!

  19. Send one on over to me. :D

  20. i’d like an invite please.

  21. David Souza says:

    I want one… please!!

  22. I want one please.

  23. Thanks in advance for the invite !!!

  24. I’ll have one please!

  25. wow, i would love to get an invite! If you have any left, it’d be much appreciated ^_^

  26. Please and thank you!

  27. Yes please!

  28. I’d love one!

  29. Aayush Arya says:

    Uh… I did not notice this post and requested an invite in the 25 invites post. That ought to be enough, right? If not, here is my request again. Thanks! :)

  30. Please and thank you!

  31. Hey i’ll take on please. ‘rayers121′ is the email address at hotmail.com

  32. one invite please, if i’m not too late.

    (sorry, if this is a double post. it’s unintentional.)

  33. I’d love an invite if there are any left THANKS!!!!

  34. wow, yes, me too! thanks!

  35. Would love one – thanks!

  36. Thanks in advance for the invite… :-)

  37. Would love to have one and if anyone wants gmail I have 95 of them left.

  38. Swarna Rethas says:

    I’d like to have an invitation. Thanks a ton.

    – a regular AppleGazette-r!

  39. Yes please,and thank you!

  40. José Miguel says:

    Please give me one! TIA!

  41. I would like an invite if you still have one!

  42. Thanks for the invite! :)

  43. An invitation would be nice :o)

  44. Yeah, I would really love to get one. I hope you have one left for me :)
    Thanks in advance :)

  45. Sure, I’ll take one.

    Thanks in advance!

  46. If there are any left, I’ll take one.
    Many thanks

  47. please send me one too. Thanks.

  48. sign me up!:D

  49. count me in. thanks!

  50. id love one thanks!

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